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The Mill at Shady Lea: Art

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                                         Space To Be



                                                         Sandra Krupp

Sandra Krupp    By Sandra Krupp   Sandra Krupp


Works by Nancy DiMarzio:

Nancy DiMarzio            Nancy DiMarzio         Nancy DiMarzio


Works by Alyn Federico:

Alyn Federico      Alyn Federico     Alyn Federico



Julie Munafo  Julie Munafo

                                                                                by Julie Munafo   

                                                           Julie Munafo





                                                                          Works by Jo-Anna Wendal:

Jo-Anna Wendal    Jo-Anna Wendal   Jo-Anna Wendal



Edwin Roche  Works by Edwin Roche   Edwin Roche                            Edwin Roche

   Robert Allott
By Robert Allott                                      Robert Allott



Judy Schaefer work:
Judy Schaefer    Judy Schaefer


Guitars by Dan Collins  Dan Collins
Shady Lea Guitars: Classes with Dan Collins

Dan Collins / Shady Lea Guitars   Dan Collins / Shady Lea Guitars

Works by Julie Munafo: 

By Julie Munafo     By Julie Munafo



By Maggie Vale    By Maggie Vale    By Maggie Vale


    By Jodi Manca          By Jodi Manca                By Jodi Manca

                                                                     Works by Jodi Manca

          by Elizabeth Lind        by Elizabeth Lind        by Elizabeth Lind

                                                                    by Elizabeth Lind

By Roberto Bessin

                By Roberto Bessin

By Roberto Bessin


Freshmode Printing: Winter Hats   Freshmode Printing    Freshmode Printing: T-Shirts
  Freshmode Printing

AnchorBend  By Anchor Bend   AnchorBend at Work

Tea Pot by Donna Thompson

                                                            Tea Pot by Donna Thompson

Red Mask by Connie Payne     by Connie Payne     by Connie Payne

       FISH PLATTER by Sue Greene By Sue Green

by Claudia Flynn  By Claudia Flynn

  Narragansett Clock Shop           by Richard Fyans

Richard Fyans / Narragansett Clock Shop


  David_Hilbern  Wind and Sea Sail Charters

    By  RI Spa Products / Donna Dunn       RI_Spa_Products


      Ryan_Baird_1       Ryan_Baird_2    by Ryan Baird

By Ryan Baird

               Petri Kymlander   By Petri Kymlander    Petri Kymlander

    By Rafael Attias    By Rafael Attias

By Sandra Aarons Krupp     Sandra Aarons Krupp

                    Delta Girl 1936, by Alyn Federico   By Alyn Federico  Long Day, by Alyn Federico

 AnchorBend   by Anchor Bend     Sailboat by Anchor Bend

                    Roberto Bessin   By Roberto Bessin

Autumn by Sandra Aarons Krupp   Autumn by Sandra Aarons Krupp

by Edwin Roche          By Edwin Roche

by Edwin Roche   

        By Maggie Vale      By Maggie Vale       By Maggie Vale

Entered: 4/4/2022