The Mill at Shady Lea

The Artists of The Mill at Shady Lea

Suite No.NameType of ArtWebsiteFacebookEmail Link
 Lynn Krim Email
100Anchor Bend GlassworksHand Blown Glass Email
101Alyn Federico /Top Gun GrafixMurals/Hand painted, Airbrushed and Digital Email
102Robert Allott & Nancy DiMarzio / Orion Glassworks & DesignPainter/glass Sculptures Email
102David ChristensenFurnace and Fused Glass Email
103Roberto BessinMetal Art / Sculptures Email
103Kris Offillpainter Email
104Trish HurleyOil Painter Trish Hurley Email
105Julie Munafopewter and frames Email
105Sandra Kruppartist Email
106Carrie Chatterson Studio, LLCGraphic Design-Branding Print Email
107Ethan FrenchPainter, Furniture, Architecture Email
108Michelle Jeanne BotelhoFlorel Design Email
109Donna ThompsonPottery Email
109Sue GreenePottery Email
110Kevin Doyle/Newport Marine ServicesWoodworking/yachts Email
111Pamela Hicks/Affinity ArtworksOil Painting/Sculpture Email
112Beth Clarkepainter Email
112Joan ZuernerLampshades by Joan Zuerner Email
113Richard Fyans/ Narragansett Clock Shopantique clocks repaired/rebuilt/for sale Email
114Petri KymlanderGoldsmith, Designer, Jeweler Email
115Elizabeth CollinsPainter Email
116Rafael Attiasartist/musician Email
117R.I. Spa Productsnatural spa products Email
118L & M StudioCartoonist / Painter Email
200Kris Chattersonpainter Email
201Chris TerryPainter Email
201Ursula Brandl/Handcrafted SoapmakerHandcrafted Soap Email
202Barbara Cranephotomoasic Email
203Suzy BallengerWeaver Email
204Claudia Flynn (West)STUDIO AND OFFICE Email
205Eric BennettWoodworking Email
206The Stone Cocoon/Elizabeth LindStone & Wood Carving/Clay Assemblage Email
207Periwinkle Handwovens/Phyllis DetwilerHandwoven Textiles Email
208Sky Sabin Productions, LLCVideo Production Email
209Susan MathewsCeramic Felt Sculpture Email
210Donald PowersOil Painter Email
211Victoria Andreozzi-BarzinStylist Email
212Marne Snydercollagist
213Jeff ElsbeckerSculptor/Product Designer Email
214Kris CooneySewing Email
215Natalie ColettaPainter/Mixed Media Email
216Kathleen O'KulaPhotographer/Writer Email
217Barbara Hutchinsonpainter Email
218Dianne SchumanPotter Email
219Jo-Anna Melrosepainter/printmaker Email
219Element Metal Arts/Judy Schaefer Sculptor/Jewelry/Weaver Email
221Largess ForestryTree Care/Preservation & Education of the forest Email
225 C Paul JackmanWoodworking/videography Email
225ABob Plain/RI Futureswriter Email
225BWind and Sea Sail Charters/David HilbernSailing Charters http://WINDANDSEASAIL.COM Email
225BHilbern Land Surveying Surveyor Email
L-1Sue McNallyPainter Email
Web AdminJunto Development GroupWebsite Development Email